Adoption procedure

  1. Submission of Adoption Dossier through the accredited agencies or embassy / diplomatic mission to ICAB,(Click here to download Sample Application Form)
  2. No registration of the dossier directly sent by adoptive parents,
  3. Verification of Dossier documents by ICAB
  4. ICAB requests to Family Matching Board (FMC) (excluding special needs).
  5. The name of the PAPs will be Kept secret , while sending request to the FMC,
  6. Coding system for PAPs has been developed to keep secret the name of the PAPs to control any kinds of irregularities,
  7. FMC has the roster of the adoption free child.
  8. FMC matches the child with PAPs on the First come first registration basis ,in a very transparent way and sends it back to icab, the child study report prepared by social worker and medical report prepared by the physicians.
  9. Inter country adoption board (ICAB) decodes the code number.
  10. Before making any decision icab gets final consent from the prospective adoptive parents for adoption by sending them the child study report and medical report of the child.
  11. After getting the final consent from the prospective adoptive parents. ICAB proceeds towards the final decision process.
  12. After making final decision ICAB informs to the PAPS about the adoption.
  13. Then PAPS can visit Nepal for adoption.
  14. ICAB provides all necessary documents to the Adoptive Parents.
  15. Letters will be forwarded by official channels.


  • Adoption was suspended for three months (25th April to 25th July 2015) from the date of devastated earthquake in Nepal on 25th April 2015.

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