Children Home

Children home ("Orphanage") means an organization which, having been registered pursuant to prevailing law, provides protection to orphan children by caring and maintaining them. (Updated on: 3rd August 2015) Children Home Address Registered Date
1 Surya Children welfare Service Centre Nepal Jawalkhel, Lalitpur 2065
2 Education Centre for Helpless Children Dhapasi, Kathmandu 2065
3 HOPAD Child & Women Promotion Society Saibu, Lalipur 2065
4 Srity Nepal Dhapakhel, Lalitpur 2065
5 Inspiration Society of Nepal Manikhatar, Kathmandu 2065
6 Organization for Community ,Child & Environment Development Naxal, Kathmandu 2065
7 Nepal Ashahaya Balghar Sankhamul, Kathmandu 2065
8 The Orphans Homes Bhaisepati, Lalitpur 2065
9 Nepal Children's Organization Naxal, Kathmandu 2065
10 Motherhood Nepal Harisidhi, Lalitpur 2065
11 Bharosa Nepal Balkumari, Lalitpur 2065
12 Children Welfare Home Saibu, Lalitpur 2065
13 Children's Home Khokana, Lalitpur 2065
14 Bal Ujjan Bhabisya Tikathali, Lalitpur -

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2. Children Study Report
3. ICA Special Needs Children


  • Adoption was suspended for three months (25th April to 25th July 2015) from the date of devastated earthquake in Nepal on 25th April 2015.

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