Listing of foreign organization or agency

If a foreign organization or agency would like to file adoption dossier of the prospective Adoptive Parents should be enlisted in Nepal.

Therefore shall have to file an application before  Inter country Adoption Management Development Board (ICAB).Please  attach the proof of application fee  US$ 500 (non-refundable) to the Intercountry adoption management development Board, Nepal at Everest Bank Ltd. A/C No. 00101102200050, SWIFT CODE: E V B L N P K A as a payment to submit an application. Enlisted fee US$ 500 will be collected after the final decision made by the MOWCSW.

  1. Approval letter from the concerned authority  of the home country to carry out Inter-country adoption from Nepal
  2. A letter from the concerned authority which certifies that under the law of the concerned country the status of an adopted son and adopted daughter is equal to that of a biological son and daughter of that country.
  3. A document which certifies that the agency has been experience of at least of three years in the area of inter country adoption.
  4. A documents that proves the agency for Hague Accreditation.
  5.   A recommendation  letter from the  responsible authority  of the home country to the effect that the said organization or agency  has been   working reliably in the field of inter country adoption,

Please mention Contact Person and office address with mail and telephone number in Nepal  

For the purpose of the protection of the child rights program in Nepal, a foreign organization or Agency enlisted in Nepal have to have a MOU to spend annually two thousand USD with an organization.

The amount will be deposited on an A/C.

Book keeping of the amount received will be maintained fairly and will be audited by the authorized auditor general and the report will be made public.

The listed organization or agency shall be renewed in every two years. Renew fee is USD 0ne hundred.

 Suspension or removal of the listed organization or agency from the list:

  1. If a listed organization or agency is found to have committed an act in contravention of prevailing law, on recommendation of the ICAB, MOWCSW may suspend the agency for a time of specified period, or remove such organization or agency from the list.
  2. Before suspending or removing an enlisting organization or a agency proper opportunity will be given for their clarification.

Foreign organizations or agencies enlisted in MOWCSW for the purpose of inter-country adoption is as follows:

1. FRANK ADOPTION CENTER , (Hague Accrediated)

Abroad Office


Nepal Office
Narayan Gopal Chowk
Kathmandu Nepal
email :


Abroad Office
1338 Baldwin Street,
Jenison, MI 49428 -893,USA


Nepal Office
Ms. Rubi Bhattarai


  • Adoption was suspended for three months (25th April to 25th July 2015) from the date of devastated earthquake in Nepal on 25th April 2015.

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